Memory View

DebugWindowsMemory view, or Ctrl Alt M n where n is the memory's number. The memory view gives you an outline of the memory. It is possible to select among the attached memories to see all the segments by switching between them in a Segment drop-down menu on top of the memory view. You can also specify the starting address for the memory view window in the Address form field on top of the memory view. In order to specify the address, you can use either a normal hexadecimal entry or an expression. See Expression Formatting. The Columns drop-down menu allows you to specify how many byte-aligned memory columns you wish to see at one time, most often this should be left at Auto setting, but if you have to manually check a fixed-length type values and you know how many words or bytes those values occupy, you could align the memory view so that each row will correspond to a desired number of values.