One Click Programming - Program and Run

The Start without Debugging command is a one-click alternative to the programming dialog. Execute it by selecting DebugStart without Debugging from the menu, or press the button on the toolbar.
Figure 1. Start without Debugging

This will build the solution (if any changes are made) and program the target device without starting a debug session.

Start without Debugging uses the tool and interface settings specified in the project options. This is different from what takes place when using the stand-alone Programming Dialog, which is not related to the project at all.

Note: Programmers and starter kits can also be used with the Start without Debugging command, not only debuggers.

The Start without Debugging command will also program the EEPROM, fuses, lockbits, and user signature (XMEGA only) segments if they are present in the object file. The GCC compiler can generate ELF object format files with such segments. See Creating ELF Files with Other Memory Types for more information.

Note: The user signature is not erased by Start without Debugging. The programmed user signature from the ELF file will be AND-ed with the content in the device. If you want to replace the signatures with what is in the file, you must perform a user signature erase manually.