Function rww_eeprom_emulator_write_page()

Writes a page of data to an emulated RWW EEPROM memory page.

enum status_code rww_eeprom_emulator_write_page(
		const uint8_t logical_page,
		const uint8_t *const data)

Writes an emulated RWW EEPROM page of data to the emulated RWW EEPROM memory space.

Note: Data stored in pages may be cached in volatile RAM memory; to commit any cached data to physical non-volatile memory, the rww_eeprom_emulator_commit_page_buffer() function should be called.
Table 1. Parameters
Data direction Parameter name Description



Logical RWW EEPROM page number to write to



Pointer to the data buffer containing source data to write


Status code indicating the status of the operation.

Table 2. Return Values
Return value Description


If the page was successfully read


If the RWW EEPROM emulator is not initialized


If an address outside the valid emulated RWW EEPROM memory space was supplied