1. 1.
    Create a buffer to hold a single emulated RWW EEPROM page of memory, and read out logical RWW EEPROM page zero into it.
    uint8_t page_data[RWW_EEPROM_PAGE_SIZE];
    rww_eeprom_emulator_read_page(0, page_data);
  2. 2.
    Toggle the first byte of the read page.
    page_data[0] = !page_data[0];
  3. 3.
    Output the toggled LED state onto the board LED.
    port_pin_set_output_level(LED_0_PIN, page_data[0]);
  4. 4.
    Write the modified page back to logical RWW EEPROM page zero, flushing the internal emulator write cache afterwards to ensure it is immediately written to physical non-volatile memory.
    rww_eeprom_emulator_write_page(0, page_data);
  5. 5.
    Modify data and write back to logical EEPROM page zero. The data is not committed and should call rww_eeprom_emulator_commit_page_buffer to ensure that any outstanding cache data is fully written to prevent data loss when detecting a BOD early warning.
    rww_eeprom_emulator_write_page(0, page_data);