Function rww_eeprom_emulator_init()

Initializes the RWW EEPROM Emulator service.

enum status_code rww_eeprom_emulator_init( void )

Initializes the emulated RWW EEPROM memory space. If the emulated RWW EEPROM memory has not been previously initialized, it will need to be explicitly formatted via rww_eeprom_emulator_erase_memory(). The RWW EEPROM memory space will not be automatically erased by the initialization function. Partial data may be recovered by the user application manually if the service is unable to initialize successfully.


Status code indicating the status of the operation.

Table 1. Return Values
Return value Description


RWW EEPROM emulation service was successfully initialized


Emulated RWW EEPROM memory is corrupt or not formatted


RWW EEPROM data is incompatible with this version or scheme of the RWW EEPROM emulator


Invalid logical page configuration